The stress at which extension of the material takes place more rapidly as compared to the increase in load is termed as the __________ point of the material.

A. Elastic

B. Ultimate

C. Yielding

D. Breaking

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  1. Electrical conductivities of semi-conductors are of the order of __________ ohm/cm.
  2. __________ has a negative co-efficient of linear expansion.
  3. Oxygen cylinders used for autogenous (cutting/welding) purposes are
  4. Even though heat transfer co-efficient in boiling liquids is large, use of fins is advantageous, when…
  5. Factor of safety is the ratio of the __________ stress to the working stress.
  6. Drossing is a __________ operation.
  7. Which one of the following is incombustible?
  8. Cobalt - 60 is used as a source of __________ in medical therapy & industrial radiography.
  9. Transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow in fluid flow through a pipe does not depend upon the
  10. Basic open hearth furnace (BOF) is not used for producing __________ steel.
  11. Thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine is around __________ percent.
  12. Chromium molybdenum steel cannot be welded using __________ welding.
  13. Factor of safety in machine design is defined as the ratio of ultimate stress to __________ stress.
  14. Which of the following is not an explosive?
  15. Earing is a defect found in steels after the following metal working operation.
  16. With decrease in the grain size of a material, its creep resistance
  17. __________ is the process of coating the surface of steel with aluminium oxide, thereby imparting it…
  18. The laminar boundary layer thickness in zero pressure gradient flow over a flat plate along the x-direction…
  19. Machinability of hard alloys and tool steels is improved by
  20. Minimum number of members required to form a Public Limited Joint Stock Com-pany is
  21. Vibration upto 100 kilo hertz can be most accurately measured by a __________ type accelerometer.
  22. Which of the following phenomenon/ phenomena is/are diffusion controlled?
  23. The only suitable method for hardening the low carbon steel is case hardening. Which of the following…
  24. Between 230 and 370°C, blue brittleness is caused in mild steel because of the
  25. Sacrificial anode method is used in the protection of pipelines which are buried underground. Sacrificial…
  26. Venturimeter is used to measure the flow rate of fluids in pipes, when the pipe is in __________ position.
  27. Stresses encountered in the metal forming processes are less than the __________ of the material.
  28. Atomic __________ is a whole number for an element.
  29. Transformation range for ferrous material is the temperature interval during which __________ is formed…
  30. Plasma is