The suggestion that the chromosomes are the carriers of hereditary material was first made by

A. Johanson

B. Flemming

C. Sutton and Boveri

D. Morgan

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  1. Tetrodotoxin is a potent poison that
  2. Coagulation of blood in vessels is prevented during normal circulation by
  3. Which organelle in the cell, other than nucleus, contains DNA?
  4. The blood without corpuscles is called
  5. The organ that produces antibodies in our body is
  6. The brain is covered by
  7. Intravascular clotting of blood is known as
  8. The olfactory area is concerned with
  9. Bacteria utilising radiant energy to prepare food are
  10. What are the symptoms of 'Pellagra'?
  11. The plant that is dispersed with the help of water is
  12. The universal donor belongs to blood group
  13. Whooping cough is caused by
  14. The influenza vaccine was discovered by
  15. Egg laying animals are referred to as
  16. The cellular and molecular control o( programmed cell death is known as
  17. Consumption of potassium cyanide leads to total stoppage of cellular activity in the human body, as…
  18. Riboflavin is otherwise known as
  19. The protoplasm of a child is exactly the same as that of its
  20. The insect vector for the disease Leishmaniasis is
  21. Which organism probably arrived first in the world?
  22. Who considered evolution as due to mutation?
  23. The plant hormone which promotes ripening of fruits is
  24. One of the following disease cannot be prevented by the DPT (triple-antigen) immunization of children.
  25. The blood pressure is controlled by the hormone
  26. The Green Revolution in India owes much to
  27. The workers in the honey bee colony are
  28. The principal reason why it is better to have two eyes than one is that
  29. Dialysis is used when there is a failure of
  30. Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus?