The symbols used in an assembly language are

A. Codes

B. Mnemonics

C. Assembler

D. All of the above

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  1. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as
  2. Which of the following is used only for data entry and storage, and never for processing?
  3. Which is a semi conductor memory?
  4. BCD is
  5. Which of the following is the most powerful computers?
  6. A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical systems is
  7. Which of the following machine was not invented by Charles Babbage?
  8. What is the name of the new color laptop computer which is powered by a 386 processor at 33 MHz and…
  9. A song being played on computer speaker is
  10. Who is the father of Computer science?
  11. A compiler is a translating program which
  12. A set of rods where numbers were carved and used for multiplication and division aids is known as
  13. EPROM can be used for
  14. Modern Computers are very reliable but they are not
  15. EBCDIC can code up to how many different characters?
  16. Which of the following programming language started from second generation?
  17. IBM 1401 is the first computer to enter in Nepal. It belonged to
  18. Which technology is more reliable?
  19. A computer Program that translates one program instruction at a time into machine language is called…
  20. The first web browser is
  21. A 32 bit microprocessor has the word length equal to
  22. Which one is the largest space?
  23. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  24. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
  25. Modern Computer are very reliable but they are not
  26. The contribution of Konrad Zuse was long ignored because
  27. Which of the following is the first computer to use Stored Program Concept?
  28. VGA is
  29. The brain of any computer system is
  30. A Compiler is