The tallest tree in the world Sequoia™ is found in



C. former USSR

D. China

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  1. The two German scientists who proposed the 'cell theory' were
  2. Milk fever in cows occurs due to lack of
  3. The 'graveyard of the RBC' refers to
  4. Diabetes is a disease which is
  5. Wallace's line is a line
  6. The animal that excretes uric acid
  7. The protoplasm of a child is exactly the same as that of its
  8. The 'father of genetics' is
  9. Organisms that depend only on raw plant products are said to be
  10. Which one of the endocrine glands disappears after puberty?
  11. India's first transgenic crop was
  12. Which one of the following is not caused by bacteria?
  13. The gestation period for the elephant is
  14. Timberline shows
  15. The tallest tree in the world Sequoia™ is found in
  16. Which of these is most consistently observed in Vitamin B12 deficiency?
  17. Which among the following is a balanced fertiliser for plants?
  18. The ultimate substances to which the carbohydrates are degraded are
  19. The best and easy method of control of crop pests is by
  20. Organisms which synthesise their own food are called
  21. The blood of cockroach shows the following characteristics except one. Mark it.
  22. Saliva flows at the sight of food. This action is
  23. Turner's syndrome is a disease caused by
  24. Fishes send out their nitrogenous waste as
  25. Temperature treatment which shortens the vegetative period and hastens the flowering is called
  26. Maintenance of pregnancy is under the control of
  27. The condition in which there is abnormal decrease of white blood corpuscles is known as
  28. When one gene controls two or more different characters simultaneously, the phenomenon is called
  29. Which hormone is secreted when there is a rise in the blood glucose level?
  30. An inherited characteristic which does not appear in one generation but can appear in the next is called