The taper provided on pattern for its easy & clean withdrawal from the mould is termed as the __________ allowance.

A. Casting

B. Pattern

C. Draft

D. Distortion

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  1. Regeneration of molecular sieve requires it to be heated to a temperature of about __________ °C.
  2. Limestone addition in the blast furnace is done to flux __________ present in the raw materials.
  3. Unit of viscosity in CGS system is
  4. Increasing the carbon content of steel
  5. Holes for riveting purposes should be preferably made by
  6. The burnout heat flux in the nucleate boiling regime is not a function of the
  7. Moist air is cooled along the line of constant __________ , when it is passed over a cold & dry cooling…
  8. Even though heat transfer co-efficient in boiling liquids is large, use of fins is advantageous, when…
  9. Consider an ideal solution of components A and B. The entropy of mixing per mole of an alloy containing…
  10. For the Stoke's law to be valid in the case of a falling sphere in a fluid, the
  11. In Imperial Smelting Process for extraction of zinc, zinc vapour thus produced is quenched in the external…
  12. Superheating of steam is done at constant
  13. Blasting of tri-nitro-toluene (TNT) is done by mixing it with ammonium
  14. Joining of thin foils is preferred to be done by
  15. Which of the following properties of a solid is not dependent on crystal imperfection?
  16. LVDT used for displacement measurement is a/an __________ transducer.
  17. The size of the tetrahedral void in the closest packing of atoms is __________ that of the octahedral…
  18. at 1173E; at equilibrium, what will be the number of moles of CO gas required to reduce one mole of…
  19. The cooling rate required to freeze 1 ton of water at 0°C into ice at 0°C in 24 hours is __________…
  20. Carbide tipped cutting tools are manufactured by powder metallurgy techniques and have a composition…
  21. Which of the following materials has the poorest electrical conductivity?
  22. On decreasing the grain size of a polycrystalline material, the property most likely to deteriorate…
  23. Volumetric composition of flue gas analysed with the Orsat apparatus is : CO2 = 12%, O2 = 8%, CO = nil,…
  24. __________ is the most suitable lubricant for drawing mild steel wires?
  25. Corona discharge is related to the operation of a/an
  26. Maximum change in the hardness of martensite occurs in the carbon content range of __________ percent…
  27. Machinability of hard alloys and tool steels is improved by
  28. At the point of boundary layer separation in fluid flow, the
  29. Pick out the wrong conversion of absolute & kinematic viscosities.
  30. The approximate height of a blast furnace having a useful volume of 2000 m3 is about __________ metres