The temperature coefficient of resistance of eureka is

A. p ositive

B. negative

C. almost zero

D. i nfinite

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  1. As the magnetic intensity decreasesa the relative permeability of a magnetic material
  2. The reluctance of the magnetic circuit is ________ relative permeability of the material comprising…
  3. What is the diameter of an atom?
  4. What is the practical unit of electrical energy?
  5. Which of the following is a paramagnetic material?
  6. Materials whose permeabilities are slightly greater than that of free space
  7. Hysteresis is a phenomenon of _________ in a magnetic circuit.
  8. A negatively charge body has
  9. When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic fielda the maximum force will act on the conductor…
  10. Which element has four valence electrons?
  11. One farad equals
  12. The force between two magnetic poles is _____ their poles strength.
  13. Which of the following magnetic materials can be easily magnetized in both direction?
  14. The K shell or the first shell has how many permissible number of orbiting electrons?
  15. Hysteresis refers to the ______ between flux density of the material and the magnetizing force applied.
  16. Another term for corona discharge.
  17. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic fluxa an emf is induced in it. This is known as
  18. A good conductor has how many valence electrons?
  19. Refers to the magnetic lines
  20. The force between two magnetic poles is _______ their pole strengths.
  21. The direction of force o a current carrying conductor placed in a m found by
  22. The magnetic potential in a magnetic circuit can be measured in terms of
  23. The ratio of the total flux (flux in iron path) to the useful flux (flux in air gap)
  24. Flux linkages equals
  25. A test charge means a charge of
  26. Magnetic intensity is a
  27. What principle states that each electron in an atom must have a different set of quantum numbers?
  28. Which of the following has the least number of valence electrons?
  29. The magnetic flux through a coil changes. This results to the induced emf acting in a direction as to
  30. The idea of preventing one component from affecting another through their common electric and magnetic…