The tendency of a body to resist change from rest or motion is known as

A. Mass

B. Friction

C. Inertia

D. Resisting force

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  1. The maximum frictional force, which comes into play, when a body just begins to slide over the surface…
  2. The working depth of a gear is the radial distance from the
  3. The maximum velocity of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion is
  4. For an isochronous Hartnell governor (where r₁ and r₂ = Maximum and minimum radius of…
  5. The displacement of the D-slide valve is __________ the steam lap by a distance known as lead of the…
  6. The example of lower pair is
  7. The balancing of a rigid rotor can be achieved by appropriately placing balancing masses in
  8. Which of the following disciplines provides study of the relative motion between the parts of a machine…
  9. In the below figure, PC is the connecting rod and OC is the crank making an angle θ with the line…
  10. The two elements of a pair are said to form a _________ when they permit relative motion between them.
  11. The dynamic friction is the friction experienced by a body, when the body
  12. In a system subjected to damped forced vibrations, the ratio of maximum displacement to the static deflection…
  13. To connect two parallel and coplanar shafts the following type of gearing is used
  14. The ratio of the number of teeth to the pitch circle diameter in millimetres, is called
  15. For simple harmonic motion of the of follower, a cosine curve represents
  16. With single Hooke's joint it is possible to connect two shafts, the axes of which have an angular misalignment…
  17. A shaft carrying three rotors will have
  18. Rectilinear motion of piston is converted into rotary by
  19. The magnitude of velocities of the points on a rigid link is
  20. In vibration isolation system, if ω/ωn < 2, then for all values of damping factor, the transmissibility…
  21. In a rigid link OA, velocity of A w.r.t. O will be
  22. In a radial cam, the follower moves
  23. The secondary unbalanced force is __________ the primary unbalanced force.
  24. In a cam drive with uniform velocity follower, the sharp corners of the displacement diagram are rounded…
  25. A typewriter mechanism has 7 numbers of binary joints, six links and none of higher pairs. The mechanism…
  26. The Klein's diagram is used when
  27. The example of rolling pair is
  28. Pitch point of a cam is
  29. The frictional torque transmitted by a cone clutch is same as that of
  30. Open pairs are those which have