The term AJAX expands to ________.

A. Asynchronous Java and XML

B. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

C. Accumulated Java and XML

D. None of the above

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  1. Select the command which retrieves the alert message and stores it in a variable that you will specify.
  2. Select the tab that shows which command Selenium IDE is currently executing.
  3. The Selenium IDE is used
  4. Select the command which is used to pause execution until the specified element becomes present.
  5. Selenium variables are stored in _____________.
  6. Select the syntax to locate an element using inner text.
  7. Select the command which is used to compare the actual page title with an expected value.
  8. Select the method which selects the option at the given index.
  9. Applications do not have the items needed for the tests when the tests get to commands. To get around…
  10. Which Selenium component supports All Operating System?
  11. Which label is used as prefix pattern to specify a globbing pattern parameter for a Selenese command…
  12. The Selenium
  13. Which method is used when you want to verify whether a certain check box, radio button, or option in…
  14. Select the operating system which is NOT supported by Selenium IDE.
  15. Select the language which is supported by The Selenium Web Driver
  16. To delete a cookie we need to call the deleteCookie method, passing in two parameters.
  17. Select the command in Selenium IDE used to open a page using the URL.
  18. Which is a procedure?
  19. Variable can be saved in which format?
  20. How to execute specific command?
  21. Which selenium command check whether specific text exists somewhere on the page ?
  22. Which is the following is true in case of waitFor command?
  23. Select the command which is NOT used in verifying page elements .
  24. What is the default port number used by hub in selenium?
  25. Out of the following which is NOT a wait command.
  26. What is a test suite made of ?
  27. Select the language which is NOT supported by the Selenium RC.
  28. Select the command which is used to check the presence of a certain element.
  29. Is Web Driver a component of the Selenium?
  30. ___________ finds the item ending with the value passed in. This is the equivalent to the XPath ends-with.…