The thermal efficiency of petrol and gas engines is about

A. 15 %

B. 30 %

C. 50 %

D. 70 %

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  1. The mechanical efficiency (ηm) of the engine is given by
  2. Supercharging is essential in
  3. Morse test is used to determine the I.P. of a
  4. A fuel of cetane number 40 has the same ignition quality as a mixture of
  5. Compression ratio of I.C. Engines is
  6. An hmh flame speed is obtained in diesel engine when air fuel ratio is
  7. Which of the following is the lightest and most volatile liquid fuel?
  8. The voltage required to produce a spark across the gap, between the sparking points is
  9. In a typical medium speed 4-stroke cycle diesel engine the inlet valve
  10. A diesel engine, during suction stroke, draws
  11. The scavenging efficiency of a four stroke cycle diesel engine is
  12. Compression loss in I.C engines occurs due to
  13. If petrol is used in a diesel engine, then
  14. The thermal efficiency of a petrol engine is _________ as compared to diesel engine.
  15. Which of the following fuel has little tendency towards detonation?
  16. In a typical medium speed 4-stroke cycle diesel engine
  17. Fuel oil consumption guarantees for I .C. engine are usually based on
  18. If the speed of the engine is increased, the indicated power will
  19. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  20. Alpha-methyl-naphthalene (C₁₁ H₁₀) has a cetane number of
  21. A diesel engine is _________ as compared to petrol engine, both running at rated load.
  22. A diesel engine has
  23. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the pressure inside the engine cylinder during the suction stroke…
  24. Pick up the wrong statement about supercharging
  25. The compression ignition engines are governed by
  26. As compared to air standard cycle, in actual working, the effect of variation in specific heats is to
  27. A carburettor is used to supply
  28. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the charge is ignited at
  29. The effective inhibitor of pre-ignition is
  30. A gas engine has a swept volume of 300 cm3 and clearance volume of 25 cm3. Its volumetric efficiency…