Choose the right kind of clauses from the following.

THe time when they left early

A. Noun clause

B. Relative clause

C. Adjective clause

D. Adverb clause

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  1. Our boss supports donating time to charity .
  2. Pressed for time , the agent ran the red light.
  3. The reporter crouched behind that tree got the best picture of the arrest.
  4. THe claim that he expressed
  5. It was dark, however we went out.
  6. That is the place where American's and Japanese's armies fought.
  7. We like the music that you brought.
  8. I do not know whocame here last night.
  9. I do not know if he will come.
  10. He is such a weak boy that he cannot run.
  11. Hoping for a miracle , the doctors continued the surgery.
  12. Meera looks at her husband _________ she hasnt seen him before.
  13. I do not know whether he will come tomorrow.
  14. After the banquet , the cooks will take a well-deserved break.
  15. The soldiers in the camp will be punished ___________ they didnt obey the rules.
  16. His uncle thinks that working for the government is the key to stability.
  17. I shall not tell you where he lives.
  18. ____________ she was walking along the garden, she found a very rare flower.
  19. I have decided to buy a car ____________ I can go to work easily.
  20. __________ Jinni did the ironing, _____________ she had also prepared the breakfast.
  21. Get ready now.
  22. Some people buy expensive cars simply because they can.
  23. I cannot say whose book is this?
  24. The shoes he saw in the catalogue are available down the street .
  25. __________ he behaves well, Mary will never talk to him.
  26. She was very exhausted ____________ she didnt stop working.
  27. The dog that Sam chose from the litter seems to be healthy.
  28. It is important to ask whether the wedding is formal or semi-formal.
  29. The term track and field refers to athletic events ____ include foot races and jumping and throwing…
  30. Arnold hoped to find an answer to the funding shortfall.