The tiniest element of matter

A. Atom

B. Proton

C. Electron

D. Neutron

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  1. The unit of flux density is
  2. The force between two magnetic poles is _____ their poles strength.
  3. Who discovereda the relationship between magnetism and electricity that serves as the foundation for…
  4. The temperature coefficient of resistance of semiconductors is
  5. Bonding of atoms that is due to the force of attraction between positive ions and a group of negative…
  6. The emf induced in a coil due to the change of its own flux linked with it is called
  7. The electric flux density is a ________ quantity.
  8. If you hold the conductor with right hand so that the stretched thumb points in the direction of the…
  9. The phenomenon by which a subtracts pieces of iron
  10. Which of the following is a paramagnetic material?
  11. A law that states that the polarity of the induced voltage will oppose the change in magnetic flux causing…
  12. A magnetic material losses its ferromagnetic properties at a point called
  13. The resistance of a material is ____________ its area of cross-section.
  14. Who discovered that a current-carrying conductor would move when placed in a magnetic field?
  15. When the current flowsa the magnetic field . conductor is in what direction?
  16. The unit of flux is _____ in cgs system.
  17. A magnetizing force of 1000 AT/m will produce a flux density of __________ i
  18. Back emf refers to the
  19. Electron is a Greek word for
  20. The B-H curve of ________ is not a straight line.
  21. One coulomb of charge consists of ________ electrons.
  22. Electric field intensity at a point is numerically equal to ________ at that point.
  23. All matters (gasa liquid and solid) are composed of
  24. Permeance of a magnetic circuit is _________ the cross-sectional area of the circuit.
  25. Which of the following has the least number of valence electrons?
  26. The air space between poles of magnets
  27. When a wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field the direction of the induced emf changes one in every…
  28. The lagging effect between flux density of the material and the magne
  29. The direction of force o a current carrying conductor placed in a m found by
  30. A current if flowing east along a power line. If the earth's field is neglecteda the direction of the…