The tool made of cemented carbide wear out faster at

A. Slow speeds

B. Medium speeds

C. Fast speeds

D. Very fast speeds

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  1. Which of the following statement is incorrect with reference of lathe cutting tools?
  2. In a single point tool, the angle between the surface of the flank immediately below the point and a…
  3. Grinding wheels should be tested for balance
  4. A lead-screw with half nuts in a lathe, free to rotate in both directions has
  5. Trepanning is an operation of
  6. The type of tool used on lathe, shaper and planer is
  7. The purpose of jigs and fixtures is to
  8. A broach has
  9. In ultrasonic machining, tool is made of
  10. What is the method of brazing used to join relatively small assemblies made from materials that either…
  11. The cutting speed for drilling copper with high speed steel drills varies from
  12. The tool life in case of a grinding wheel is the time
  13. The main purpose of a boring operation, as compared to drilling, is to
  14. An open structure of a grinding wheel is used for
  15. In which of the following milling machine, the table can be tilted in a vertical plane by providing…
  16. High speed steel tools retain their hardness upto a temperature of
  17. The broaching operation in which the work moves past the stationary tool is called
  18. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  19. In a gating system, the ratio 1: 2: 4 represents
  20. Twist drills are made of
  21. The size of abrasive grain required in a grinding wheel depends upon the
  22. The angle between the shear plane and __________ is called shear angle.
  23. The process of changing the shape of grinding wheel as it becomes worn due to breaking away of the abrasive…
  24. An operation of embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece, is known as
  25. Which of the following statement is wrong as regard to down milling?
  26. Ceramic cutting tools are
  27. For machining a mild steel workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  28. The correct sequence of tool materials in increasing order of their ability to retain their hot hardness…
  29. The silicon carbide abrasive is chiefly used for grinding
  30. The grooving is an operation of