The total strain energy stored in a body is termed a

A. Resilience

B. Proof resilience

C. Modulus of resilience

D. Toughness

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  1. Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio of
  2. The atomic mass of nitrogen is __________ oxygen.
  3. The weakest section of a diamond riveting is the section which passes through
  4. Diesel cycle consists of __________ processes.
  5. The torsional rigidity of a shaft is expressed by the
  6. A thin mild steel wire is loaded by adding loads in equal increments till it breaks. The extensions…
  7. An adiabatic process is one in which
  8. The heat supplied to the gas at constant volume is (where m = Mass of gas, cv = Specific heat at constant…
  9. Otto cycle is also known as
  10. A close cycle gas turbine gives __________ efficiency as compared to an open cycle gas turbine.
  11. A double strap butt joint with equal straps is
  12. A key is subjected to side pressure as well at shearing forces. These pressures are called
  13. The energy stored in a body when strained within elastic limit is known as
  14. The efficiency of Ericsson cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  15. The mass of excess air supplied is equal to
  16. Brayton cycle consists' of following four processes
  17. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  18. The bending moment at a point on a beam is the algebraic ________ of all the moments on either side…
  19. A cycle consisting of two isothermal and two isentropic processes, is known as
  20. According to Avogadro's law
  21. In S. I. units, the value of the universal gas constant is
  22. When the gas is heated at constant pressure, the heat supplied
  23. The change of entropy, when heat is absorbed by the gas, is
  24. A column is said to be a short column, when
  25. The smallest quantity of a substance, which can exist by itself in a chemically recognizable form is…
  26. The maximum shear stress, in the given figure, is equal to __________ of the Mohr's circle.
  27. The maximum stress produced in a bar of tapering section is at
  28. When a closely-coiled helical spring of mean diameter (D) is subjected to an axial load (W), the deflection…
  29. Which of the following statement is correct?
  30. The pull required to crush the rivet per pitch length is