In following questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word (s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternatives.

The treasure was hidden ______ a big shore.

A. on

B. underneath

C. toward

D. off

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  1. A controversial issue was_____ by a member of the Opposition in the Assembly, but there was no time…
  2. He has a____tongue; his pinching sarcasm has______ everyone who has come into contact with him.
  3. Science is a sort of news agency comparable ___________ to other news agencies.
  4. I. Usually fund-raising events and charity auctions raise a large amount of money as people from all…
  5. The stock markets ___________. The state they are in right now speaks volumes about this fact.
  6. I. He was good with Mathematics so he could not fathorn why other people cribbed about such an ..........…
  7. Although ___________ is not a very desirable feeling we need a certain amount of it to ___________ well.
  8. The influence of the environment on man is revealed by an_____ study.
  9. Though fond of many acquaintances, I desire_____ only with a few.
  10. Economic growth is on auto-pilot, unlikely to be derailed by any lapse into ________ and controls or…
  11. ________ has been taken against some wholesale drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without a…
  12. He lost confidence and _________ of the deal at the last minute.
  13. There are different and ________ versions about what happened in the city, but one thing is certain.…
  14. Raj was _____________ introvert and would prefer to sit in the library rather than go out with friends.
  15. She had a terrible night caused by a(n)_____ during her sleep.
  16. When she retired, she handed __________ the charge to the Vice-President.
  17. The audience____ at the end of drama.
  18. Brands __________ decision-simplicity strategies make full use of available information to __________…
  19. The organisation ___________ to popularise Indian classical music among the youth which has lost ___________…
  20. He is a popular teacher. He seems to be ______ for that profession.
  21. Few professions can ___________ the sheer variety and constant ___________ of being a doctor.
  22. She was remarkably __________ in singing and dancing.
  23. Skeptics would not ___________ that the earth actually moves, let alone that it ___________ around the…
  24. There is no ______ evidence to support your assertion.
  25. We attended a ________ discourse.
  26. Her uncle died in a car accident. He was quite rich. She suddenly _________ all her uncles money.
  27. I am always the first to admit that I have not accomplished everything that I ___________ achieve five…
  28. ________ pollution control measures are expensive, many industries hesitate to adopt them.
  29. Is not learning superior ____ wealth ?
  30. The valley is known for its ________ growth of vegetation.