Select the most appropriate set of words from the given choices to fill in the blanks.

The tunnel was so ___________ and congested, that we became ___________.

A. long, enthusiastic

B. deep, Cautious

C. dark, frightened

D. crowded, isolated

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  1. Although ___________ is not a very desirable feeling we need a certain amount of it to ___________ well.
  2. The car driver was arrested for rash driving and his licence was_____ by the police.
  3. Economic growth is on auto-pilot, unlikely to be derailed by any lapse into ________ and controls or…
  4. Real friends, genuinely wanting the best for the organisation, ___________ different garbs.
  5. The teacher _________ the concept by _________ practical examples.
  6. Despite his _____ he had to suffer.
  7. I am an entertainer, ___________ , I have to keep smiling because in my heart laughter and sorrow have…
  8. Nature is ______ and unchangeable , and it is ______ as to whether its hidden reasons and ______ are…
  9. Women should be paid the same as men-when they do the same job, for surely, what is sauce for the______…
  10. It is a penal_____to bribe a public servant.
  11. I had already published a novel and it was an unexpected success. I thought my ___________ .
  12. AIDS is not a disease that can be___through the air or by insects.
  13. In spite of her other_____, Kasthuri still managed to find time for her hobbies.
  14. Man is still a____in the labour market.
  15. Once he has signed the agreement, he wont be able to back______.
  16. Her uncle died in a car accident. He was quite rich. She suddenly _________ all her uncles money.
  17. Alexander Solzhepitsyns works will be_______ by every lover of liberal thought and they will bring home…
  18. Opinions concerning him had remained nearly ____, his daily habits had presented scarcely any visible…
  19. After a short holiday Rajni came back totally_______.
  20. Mr. Murugan has been in this college ________ 2010.
  21. It will take some time for many South koreans to ___________ the conflicting images of North Korea,…
  22. The President today______ the committee with the induction of the five new general secretaries in place…
  23. The human mind seems to have built-in ________against original thought.
  24. He has already made up his mind on this issue. Now it is____ to argue with him.
  25. Most political leaders acquire their position by causing a large number of people to believe that these…
  26. It will take some time for many South Koreans to ___________ the conflicting images of North Korea,…
  27. _____ between labour and management is inevitable in any industrial society.
  28. The Director pointed out in favour of the manager that the profitability of the plant had _____ since…
  29. The students _________ not reach on time _________ of the transport strike.
  30. I. In todays world parents usually .......... that their children do not talk to them as they are more…