The type of reamer used for reaming operation in a blind hole, is

A. Straight fluted reamer

B. Left hand spiral fluted reamer

C. Right hand spiral fluted reamer

D. Any one of these

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  1. In ultrasonic machining, the metal is removed by
  2. Crater wear leads to
  3. The main purpose of spheroidising treatment is to improve
  4. In gear hobbing
  5. The percentage of carbon in gray cast iron is in the range of
  6. In a metal arc welding process, a gas metal arc welding with magnetized flux is used and can be done…
  7. In a gating system, the ratio 1: 2: 4 represents
  8. In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000 -0.0100⁺⁰⁰⁴⁰…
  9. The facing is an operation of
  10. What is the type of welding defect caused due to poor deposition of weld rod is called?
  11. Cast iron during machining produces
  12. In which type of welding a gas shield, a consumable electrode is used and the welding can be done in…
  13. Which of the following engineering materials is the most suitable candidate for hot chamber die casting?
  14. Two 1 mm thick steel sheets are to be spot welded at a current of 5000 A. Assuming effective resistance…
  15. Which one of the following is a solid state joining process?
  16. A ring gauge is used to measure
  17. The mechanism of material removal in EDM process is
  18. As tool and work are not in contact in EDM process
  19. The grooving is an operation of
  20. If the cutting speed is increased, then the built-up-edge
  21. The type of reamer used for reaming operation in a blind hole, is
  22. In centreless grinding, work place centre will be
  23. Down milling is also called
  24. A shaft has a dimension, φ9 +0.025⁺⁰⁰⁰⁹, the respective values…
  25. The chuck used for setting up of heavy and irregular shaped work should be
  26. The cutting speed for drilling aluminium, brass and bronze with high speed steel drills varies from
  27. The lip angle is the angle
  28. Slow speed of the spindle is necessary in
  29. In metal machining, the zone where the heat is generated due to friction between the moving chip and…
  30. For machining a mild steel workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is