The type of rotary compressor used in gas turbines, is of

A. Centrifugal type

B. Axial flow type

C. Radial flow type

D. None of these

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  1. Rotary compressor is best suited for
  2. The type of rotary compressor used in aeroplanes, is of
  3. The pressure ratio of an ideal vaned compressor with increase in mass flow rate
  4. The propulsive power of the rocket is (where v₁ = Jet velocity, and v₂ = Aircraft velocity)
  5. Which of the following statement is correct relating to rocket engines?
  6. Rotary compressors are used for delivering
  7. Which of the following fuels can be used in turbojet engines?
  8. The maximum combustion pressure in gas turbine as compared to I.C. engine is
  9. The volume of air sucked by the compressor during its suction stroke is called
  10. A compressor at high altitudes will require ________ power.
  11. The performance of air compressor at high altitudes will be ________ as compared to that at sea level.
  12. A rocket engine uses ________ for the combustion of its fuel.
  13. If V, U and Vr represent the absolute velocity of fluid, velocity of blade, and relative velocity of…
  14. In gas turbines, high thermal efficiency is obtained in
  15. A gas turbine used in air craft should have
  16. The intercooler pressure, for minimum work required, for a two stage reciprocating air compressor, is…
  17. Which is false statement about air receivers?
  18. The overall isothermal efficiency of compressor is defined as the ratio of
  19. In a centrifugal compressor, the highest Mach number leading to shock wave in the fluid flow occurs…
  20. The volumetric efficiency of compressor with increase in compression ratio will
  21. To avoid moisture troubles, the compressed air main line should
  22. Open cycle gas turbine works on
  23. Free air is the air at
  24. When the outlet angle from the rotor of a centrifugal compressor is more than 90°, then the blades…
  25. Standard air is the air at ________ and relative humidity of 36 percent.
  26. The overall efficiency of the compressed air system is the
  27. When the temperature of air leaving the intercooler, in a two stage compression with intercooler, is…
  28. The thermodynamic efficiency of rotary compressor is based on
  29. The air-fuel ratio in gas turbines is of the order of
  30. The volumetric efficiency for reciprocating air compressors is about