The universal groups can contain

A. Domain Local Group

B. Global Group

C. Both of the above

D. None of the above

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  1. In a Windows 2000 Server domain Controller what utility is used to create domain user account?
  2. TCP is a connectionless protocol
  3. What is the minimum information that you need to connect a computer on a TCP/IP network to the Internet?…
  4. TGT and TGS is related to
  5. Which of the following files have the .NCF file extension?
  6. NTFS permissions cannot be set on individual files.
  7. Which OSI model layer provides for encryption and decryption of data?
  8. Linux operating system consumes less space than Windows2000
  9. What will happen if you copy a file from one folder to another with in the same ntfs partition ?
  10. an we use local users and group utility to create user in a member server?
  11. What is the maximum number of characters that a password may contain?
  12. When we delete a file it is sent to the directory called
  13. Which command is used to change a FAT32 partition to NTFS without losing any data?
  14. ERD can be created using
  15. Which properties tab is used in a member server for local user to configure logon hours?
  16. TGT and TGS is related to
  17. Can we use 'net use' command to share a file?
  18. Which of the following services are not available with the standard version of Win2k Server?
  19. Which of the following is a media type that is most susceptible to interference?
  20. To use netbios name resolution in TCP/IP environments, we use
  21. What is the maximum amount of RAM recognized by Windows 2000 Server?
  22. A user name cannot contain : or = character.
  23. Can we use local user and group utility in a domain controller to create local user in it?
  24. In a domain we can create
  25. The NTFS security is not applicable in case of network access
  26. Which folder is used to store user profiles by default?
  27. We can create _____ DFS root in a single Domain Controller
  28. Which utility is used to manage disks, volumes, partitions logical drives and dynamic volumes in Windows…
  29. Bootsect.dos file is activated by NTLDR, when we don't choose Win 2000 from the boot option in a dual…
  30. Which of the following can be used to create partition