The values of the attribute describes a particular

A. Entity set

B. File

C. Entity instance

D. Organization

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  1. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  2. Which of the following is not a property of transactions?
  3. In a multi-user database, if two users wish to update the same record at the same time, they are prevented…
  4. Which of the following is not a recovery technique?
  5. A data type or format is specified for each _________
  6. ______contains information that defines valid values that are stored in a column or data type.
  7. If two relations R and S are joined, then the non matching tuples of both R and S are ignored in
  8. An advantage of the database management approach is
  9. ______is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity
  10. _____is a full form of SQL.
  11. A relational database developer refers to a record as
  12. The statement that is executed automatically by the system as a side effect of the modification of the…
  13. Data independence means
  14. Which of the following is not a consequence of non-normalized database?
  15. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
  16. A DBMS is a ____ user if at most one user can use the system and is mostly restricted to personal computer…
  17. Which of the syntax is correct for insert statement? i) insert into values ii) insert into (column list)…
  18. _____ is a utility to capture a continuous record of server activity and provide auditing capability.
  19. A relation is in attribute of other composite key. if an attribute of a composite key is dependent on…
  20. In an E-R, Y is the dominant entity and X is a subordinate entity. Then which of the following is incorrect…
  21. Relational Algebra is
  22. The data models defined by ANSI/SPARC architecture are
  23. Employees in a company are each assigned their own office, i.e. for each employee there exists a unique…
  24. For using a specific database …………… command is used.
  25. A list consists of last names, first names, addresses and pin codes. If all people in the list have…
  26. The _____ category includes storage media that can be operated on directly by the computers central…
  27. If an entity can belong to only one lower level entity then the constraint is
  28. The keyword to eliminate duplicate rows from the query result in SQL is
  29. The normalization was first proposed by .
  30. Isolation of the transactions is ensured by