The wet bulb temperature at 100% relative humidity is ________ dry bulb temperature.

A. Same as

B. Lower than

C. Higher than

D. None of these

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  1. At lower temperatures and pressures, the latent heat of vaporisation of a refrigerant
  2. In vapour compression cycle using NH₃ as refrigerant, initial charge is filled at
  3. Ammonia absorption refrigeration cycle requires
  4. Mass flow ratio of NH₃ in comparison to Freon12 for same refrigeration load and same temperature…
  5. The vertical and uniformly spaced lines on a psychrometric chart indicates
  6. The domestic refrigerator uses following type of compressor
  7. In which of the following refrigeration system, waste heat can be effectively used?
  8. In a saturated air-water vapour mixture, the
  9. Which of the following cycles uses air as the refrigerant?
  10. Choose the wrong statement
  11. In order to collect liquid refrigerant and to prevent it from going to a ________, a device known as…
  12. The advantage of dry compression is that
  13. A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at the rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes…
  14. The relative coefficient of performance is
  15. The process of under-cooling is generally brought about by
  16. Domestic refrigerator working on vapour compression cycle uses the following type of expansion device
  17. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  18. On the pressure-enthalpy diagram, condensation and desuperheating is represented by a horizontal line…
  19. During adiabatic saturation process on unsaturated air __________ remains constant.
  20. One ton of the refrigeration is
  21. The wet bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  22. The thermostatic expansion valve operates on the changes in the
  23. Dry bulb temperature is the temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when
  24. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?
  25. The ratio of the actual mass of water vapour in a unit mass of dry air to the mass of water vapour in…
  26. In a vapour absorption refrigeration system, the compressor of the vapour compression system is replaced…
  27. Ammonia is
  28. One ton refrigeration corresponds to
  29. One ton of refrigeration is equal to the refrigeration effect corresponding to melting of 1000 kg of…
  30. In mechanical refrigeration system, the refrigerant has the maximum temperature