The World Bank allowed India to construct hydroelectric power plants on the --------- and ------------ rivers under the Indus Waters Treaty.

A. Doda and Dras

B. Poonch and Galwan

C. Ravi and Sind

D. Jhelum and Chenab

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  1. Who among the following veteran actress has been selected for this year' s Prem Nazir Award?
  2. Which of the following will implement the Karnataka government' s 'Ksheera Bhagya' Scheme in Bengaluru,…
  3. Which day is observed as National Handloom Day?
  4. Who has will be the new Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog?
  5. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has signed an agreement with _______ to promote technical…
  6. World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared which country as polio free?
  7. Where was the fourth session of India-Tanzania Joint Trade Committee (JTC) held?
  8. Who among the following beat Roger Federer by 6-3, 6-4 in the Rogers Cup final?
  9. India has recently signed how much amount of loan pact with AIIB for Gujarat road project?
  10. By which year ISRO, NASA will complete NISAR mission?
  11. Who becomes First Ever Football Player to score 350 La Liga Goals?
  12. India's first private missile production facility, KRAS was unveiled in Hyderabad. The unit is a joint…
  13. National Company Law Tribunal has approved the merger of Reliance Communications with _______.
  14. UNESCO has shown worry about that damage caused to which of the following heritage sites in India?
  15. Which country to host the steering committee of the proposed TAPI Gas pipeline?
  16. India and the United States of America will co-host the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in November 2017…
  17. Two Iranian companies have signed the country' s biggest-ever car deal with multinational automobile…
  18. Who of the following was crowned as the 2017 Miss TransQueen India?
  19. Name the Hollywood Actress who has topped the Forbes magazines World' s Highest-Paid Actresses 2017…
  20. Which country has been declared the world' s most liveable city by The Economist' s Global Liveability…
  21. The Indian government on August 15, 2017 asked Facebook and other social networking sites to remove…
  22. Which ties up with Symantec to fight cyber wars?
  23. Which bank has raised interest rates on savings bank account for large balance above Rs 1 crore to 5%…
  24. Who took over as the Union Secretary of Home Affairs recently?
  25. Who among the following has become the youngest person to reach the summit of the 6,153 metres-high…
  26. Which hockey player's birth anniversary is celebrated on 29 August as National Sports Day?
  27. Recently, The Indian government has restricted import of gold, silver items from __________.
  28. Which day is observed as Nagasaki Day?
  29. Who has launched the live twitter wall for promoting 'Bharat Ke Veer' portal on the eve of 71st Independence…
  30. Which scheme was renamed by the Union Cabinet recently?