These are special installations of stone or concrete marking the locations of points accurately determined by precise surveying:

A. Topographic marks

B. Hatches

C. Monuments

D. Pillars

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  1. The UCS icon represents the intersection of the ________.
  2. A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________.
  3. Dimensions are used on the elevation plan to describe ________.
  4. A drafter who develops technical drawings of a highway overpass would most likely be a ________ drafter.
  5. The foundation contractor will work with the following architectural plans.
  6. The default position of the UCS icon is positioned at ________ on the AutoCAD grid.
  7. In the section view, the areas that would have been in actual contact with the cutting plane are shown…
  8. In order to set drawing limits for a C size architectural drawing the drafter should set the limits…
  9. Three dimensional models are often used in the design process to __________.
  10. The View toolbar will position the view of the 3-D solid toward the ________.
  11. Technical drawings typically serve one of three purposes:
  12. These maps are used in planning installations of trees, shrubbery, drives, and other garden features:
  13. This is a common method for connecting steel members of buildings and bridges:
  14. The organized and orderly approach to solving problems is known as the:
  15. Some traditional board drafters preferred the drafting machine over the parallel straight edge because…
  16. This type of solid has two bases that are parallel equal polygons:
  17. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
  18. Traditional drafters need to be able to create several different line widths because ________.
  19. Inserting blocks into a drawing file usually requires exacting placement. The drafter should insure…
  20. An accurate record of changes made to release drawings is tracked via this:
  21. This type of auxiliary view is projected onto a plane that is perpendicular to one of the principal…
  22. Some of the common terms used to describe technical drawing include:
  23. In this type of auxiliary view, a break line is used to indicate the imaginary break in the views:
  24. The maximum and minimum sizes of a feature are identified by a ________ tolerance.
  25. This type of thread is a thread on the inside of a member:
  26. When drawing a line using the relative coordinate system a line is created from ________.
  27. Oblique drawings are dimensioned in a similar fashion as these types of drawings:
  28. These units are based on inch-foot and yard measurements:
  29. These types of projectors converge at a vanishing point:
  30. Isometric drawings are often used by ________ to help illustrate complex designs.