These types of projectors converge at a vanishing point:

A. Perspective

B. Parallel

C. Orthographic

D. Oblique

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  1. Several of the tools used in traditional drafting include the following:
  2. Placement of dimensions on a drawing is controlled by ________.
  3. Dimension text is generally placed above the ________ line.
  4. This type of surface may be a plane, a single curved surface, or a warped surface:
  5. Architectural dimensioning is usually done in ________.
  6. The text height for room names should be set to ________for a drawing that will be plotted to a scale…
  7. Students can complete an associate's degree in drafting which normally takes about ________ years to…
  8. A round is a rounded surface on the ________ corner of a part.
  9. This type of circuit is a semiconductor wafer or chip:
  10. The default position of the UCS icon is positioned at ________ on the AutoCAD grid.
  11. The organized and orderly approach to solving problems is known as the:
  12. This type of axonometric drawing has equal foreshortening along two axis directions and a different…
  13. A line drawn with a long section, short dash, and another long section is a ________.
  14. Once the architect has finalized the house plans with the client any changes to the design requested…
  15. In a CAD system, you can draw an ellipse by specifying these:
  16. Angles project true size only when the plane containing the angle and plane of projection are this:
  17. The building construction industry relies on sets of ________ drawings to construct homes and commercial…
  18. These units are based on inch-foot and yard measurements:
  19. In perspective drawings this is placed between the observer and the object:
  20. This is used to indicate that a surface is to be machined:
  21. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
  22. Oblique sections are useful to show this:
  23. This is the intersection of the ground plane with the picture plane:
  24. Center lines are used to locate or represent the centers of ________.
  25. When creating a Cutting Plane line with Auto-CAD it is customary to use a ________ to create the line.
  26. This is used in drawings to represent the edge of a solid object:
  27. When adding dimensions to an auxiliary view it will be necessary to use the ________ tool.
  28. Some common blocks used by architectural drafters include ________.
  29. The thread note for a typical bolt will include the ________.
  30. By using a ________ section of a cylindrical mechanical part the drafter should be able to show only…