Each sentence below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

They were _________ to vacate that house as _________ as possible.

A. asked, soon

B. ordered, easy

C. shown, early

D. told, later

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  1. Nordisk have recently ___________ a product called Glucometer.
  2. Among the factors_____ to the low productivity in agriculture, the first place is occupied by irregular…
  3. Lack of financing options, __________ with HR and technological __________ , make small and medium enterprises…
  4. The Himalayas ran from east to west and cut off the cold winds from the north. This allowed agriculture…
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  8. The car driver was arrested for rash driving and his licence was_____ by the police.
  9. Undoubtedly, English is the most___spoken language in the world today.
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  11. I could hardly recognize him ________ I saw him.
  12. Despite his _____ he had to suffer.
  13. His most striking _____ is the enthusiasm which he brings to everything he does.
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  15. A garden knife is ______used for right pruning.
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  17. Unpredictable __________ of the child could not lead the consultants to any ___________.
  18. Laxmi lost an important file and rather than confessing her___ she blamed Sandra for losing it.
  19. The deceased left _______ children.
  20. Ill take ______now as I have anothers appointment some where else.
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  22. You have no business to _________ pain on a weak and poor person.
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  25. Precautions are to be taken with any one who seems ______.
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  27. _____ between labour and management is inevitable in any industrial society.
  28. The high cutoff marks this year have ___ college admission-seekers to either ___ for lesser known colleges…
  29. There are not solitary, free-living creatures ; every form of life is ______ other forms.
  30. It is not ______________ for a man to be confined to the pursuit of wealth.