Thick layer which surrounds the ovum is ...

A. Zona pellucida

B. Membrana granulosa

C. Corona radiata

D. Theca interna

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  1. Medical termination of pregnancy is safe till how many weeks of pregnancy?
  2. Human placenta is
  3. Pregnancy is ascertained by
  4. At the end of meiosis I, the Oocyte yields
  5. Fimbriae of fallopian tube ...
  6. Corpus luteum secretes
  7. The part of the sperm containing proteolytic enzymes to digest the zona pellucida is the:
  8. An abnormal human male phenotype involving an extra x-chromosome (xxy) is found in....
  9. The surgical method of contraception in males
  10. A marriage between man with normal vision and colour blind woman will give birth to
  11. Haemophilic man marries a normal woman. Their off springs will be
  12. What is the best sperm extraction technique for men with obstructive azoospermia?
  13. Human female reaches menopause at the age of about ...
  14. Third phase of embryo development is ...
  15. In a 28 day menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs on ...
  16. Which layer of embryo is formed first
  17. Part of fallopian tube closest to ovary is
  18. Erythroblastosis foetalis is caused by fertilization between the gametes of
  19. Cell division that occurs in zygote is called
  20. Tunica albuginea is related to
  21. Most of major organs of human embryo are formed by the
  22. Villi of human placenta develop from ..
  23. The most important region of the decidua for the nourishment of the conceptus is the deciduas
  24. Pregnancy test is confirmed by the presence of
  25. Which one of the following is produced early in the life of a human female?
  26. Embryonic connective tissue is formed from ..
  27. The embryonic stage that resembles a mulberry fruit is
  28. Corona radiata is held by...
  29. Albinism is a congenital disorder resulting from the lack of which enzyme?
  30. Forensic investigation of rape case focuses on the presence of fructose in female reproductive system,…