Third law of thermodynamics is helpful in

A. Prediction of the extent of a chemical reaction

B. Calculating absolute entropies of substances at different temperature

C. Evaluating entropy changes of chemical reaction

D. Both (B) and (C)

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  1. Which is not a refrigerant?
  2. What is the degree of freedom for two miscible (non-reacting) substances in vapor-liquid equilibrium…
  3. Cv is given by
  4. In any spontaneous process, the __________ free energy decreases.
  5. Critical solution temperature (or the consolute temperature) for partially miscible liquids (e.g., phenol-water)…
  6. For a constant pressure reversible process, the enthalpy change (ΔH) of the system is
  7. At absolute zero temperature, the __________ of the gas is zero.
  8. The temperature at the eutectic point of the system is the __________ temperature that can be attained…
  9. Joule-Thomson experiment is
  10. A system undergoes a change from a given initial state to a given final state either by an irreversible…
  11. Enthalpy changes over a constant pressure path are always zero for __________ gas.
  12. A/an __________ system is exemplified by a vessel containing a volatile liquid in contact with its vapor.
  13. For any system, what is the minimum number of degrees of freedom?
  14. Which of the following is not an intensive property?
  15. Degrees of freedom at triple point will be
  16. A refrigeration cycle is a reversed heat engine. Which of the following has the maximum value of the…
  17. The number of degrees of freedom for an azeotropic mixture in a two component vapour-liquid equilibria…
  18. A cylinder contains 640 gm of liquid oxygen. The volume occupied (in litres) by the oxygen, when it…
  19. Pick out the correct statement.
  20. One ton of refrigeration capacity is equivalent to the heat removal rate of
  21. Chemical engineering thermodynamics is concerned with the __________ in/of chemical processes.
  22. Pick out the wrong statement.
  23. Pick out the wrong statement.
  24. Entropy change of mixing two liquid substances depends upon the
  25. __________ functions are exemplified by heat and work.
  26. For an irreversible process involving only pressure-volume work
  27. Pick out the correct statement:
  28. Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of a refrigerator is the ratio of the
  29. y = specific heat ratio of an ideal gas is equal to
  30. It is desired to bring about a certain change in the state of a system by performing work on the system…