This is a rounded exterior blend between surfaces:

A. Fillet

B. Round

C. Taper

D. Chamfer

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  1. When designing a home for a client, one of the most important predesign considerations that an architect…
  2. This type of circuit is a semiconductor wafer or chip:
  3. The primary unit of measurement for engineering drawings and design in the mechanical industries is…
  4. A ________ is the person responsible for verifying that the drawings in a project set are free of mistakes.
  5. In U.S. structural and architectural drafting, all dimensions of this length are usually expressed in…
  6. Given a situation in which the drafter has crossed extension lines in a drawing what can be done to…
  7. CAD programs which incorporate parametric modeling utilize a system in which the dimensions control…
  8. This type of drawing shows two lines representing the pipe diameter:
  9. Perspective drawings are classified according to their number of these features:
  10. Before starting an isometric drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to ________.
  11. The section view drawing in which one fourth of an object has been marked for removal is known as a…
  12. The standard number of threads per inch for various diameters is the:
  13. Architectural drawings used to construct a house are often plotted with a scale of ¼ = 1'-0.…
  14. Dimensions are used on the elevation plan to describe ________.
  15. In working drawings, these show all necessary information not given directly on the drawing with its…
  16. Architectural dimensioning is usually done in ________.
  17. A circular arc is dimensioned in the view where you see its true shape by giving the value for its:
  18. Isometric drawings are often used by ________ to help illustrate complex designs.
  19. These maps are used in planning installations of trees, shrubbery, drives, and other garden features:
  20. These weld symbols have no arrow-side or other-side significance:
  21. This is used in drawings to represent the edge of a solid object:
  22. This type of surface may be a plane, a single curved surface, or a warped surface:
  23. Baseline dimensions are referenced from a common geometric feature known as a ________.
  24. In these drawings it is necessary to show cut surfaces and distinguish between adjacent parts:
  25. A line drawn with a long section, short dash, and another long section is a ________.
  26. In the section view, the areas that would have been in actual contact with the cutting plane are shown…
  27. When the receding lines are true length, and the projectors are at 45 degrees to the plane of projection,…
  28. In the mechanical design process the first step is to ________.
  29. Once a drawing is determined to be complete, the title block is used to document the change from:
  30. This type of thread is a thread on the inside of a member: