This is a thin solid line directing attention to a note or dimension and starting with an arrowhead or dot:

A. Dimension line

B. Extension line

C. Leader

D. Specification

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  1. This is a conical-shaped recess around a hole, often used to receive a tapered screw head:
  2. These are used to attach parts to a cylinder so they won't turn on it:
  3. This type of structural steel drawing shows all dimensions necessary for fabrication:
  4. The UCS icon represents the intersection of the ________.
  5. A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________.
  6. There are two main types of projection:
  7. A drafter who develops technical drawings of a highway overpass would most likely be a ________ drafter.
  8. These breaks are used to shorten the view of an object:
  9. When filling an area with a hatch pattern in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to be able to ________.
  10. Lines of an isometric drawing that are not parallel to the isometric axes are called this:
  11. 4.The principle reason for using an auxiliary view is ________.
  12. In order to set drawing limits for a C size architectural drawing the drafter should set the limits…
  13. An architect often relies on a ________ to complete the set of technical drawings used in the design…
  14. In developing a multi-view drawing, the drafter can use a ________ line to help locate the top and right…
  15. It is customary for the first sheet of a working drawing set to include ________.
  16. PDM is the acronym for:
  17. This is an angled surface used on cylinders to make them easier to handle:
  18. Before starting an isometric drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter needs to ________.
  19. This is the range of digital or hard copy documents that specify the physical function requirements…
  20. Elevation drawings will include information about ________.
  21. A secondary auxiliary view is a projection off of the ________.
  22. The Conceptual Visual Style tool is located on the ________ toolbar.
  23. This is the term for the range of tightness or looseness resulting from the allowances and tolerances…
  24. Some traditional board drafters preferred the drafting machine over the parallel straight edge because…
  25. Using this as a communication and design review tool can help shorten the process and eliminate productivity…
  26. Two-point perspective is also known as:
  27. The type of line that projects from an object for the express purpose of locating a dimension is a ________…
  28. On typical electronic diagrams, these items need not be shown unless they are needed for clarification:
  29. In a CAD system, you can draw an ellipse by specifying these:
  30. The first step in creating a traditional technical drawing is to ________.