This is not something _____we like to do.

A. which

B. who

C. whom

D. whose

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You can do it
  1. No doubt, Ammu ____ het mother.
  2. Shreya has cat;____likes to play with ___.
  3. I taught ____ to draw.
  4. She could not _____ with her husbands people.
  5. Would you mind ____the suitcase, Sir ?
  6. Choose the antonym of the quoted word :- He is now a 'physical' education instructor.
  7. We thorpughly enjoyed ____ at the party on sunday.
  8. Every day Rashi ____ the bus to go to her office.
  9. In thre following sentence the quoted word has been worngly spelled choose the rightly splled word :-…
  10. Rashi ____ the newspaper every morning on the train.
  11. ____ can swim because ____ has webbed feet.
  12. None of us knew the answer, ____
  13. That monkey is scratching ____.
  14. He went ____ to oblige his superior
  15. You must explain ____ more clearly.
  16. Today is sunday. Ankush and Aayush ____ in their garden.
  17. I believe you are just eighteen years old, ___
  18. At the moment she ____ a letter to a client.
  19. Find out one of the fout parts of the following sentence where there is an error :
  20. At the moment you _____ an English exercise.
  21. Rahul and Priya ____ english this year.
  22. Please tell_____ _____have obtained a degree in Chemistry.
  23. If you heat water, you ____ steam.
  24. This is the book that I have been looking ____.
  25. I will inform to your father. Rewrite the sentence correcting error. Select the correct option -
  26. The policeman, ____ caught the thief, ia a very brave man.
  27. During a period of protracted illness, the sick can become infirm, ____ both the strength to work and…
  28. I meet Jaya yesterday.____ invited ____ to her house.
  29. The teacher said to the class, "When ____ finished your work, please pass ____ up to me."
  30. Oue cousins ____ to see us next Sunday.