This property of TrackBar is not present

A. TickStyle.Both

B. TickStyle.None

C. TickStyle.TopLeft

D. TickStyle.BottomLeft

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  1. On error goto lbl is a
  2. In ListView the item that is currently selected is determined by
  3. Two commands can be written in the same line using
  4. If an user-defined class have a user-defined event then, the class object is declared as
  5. A thread can be started only once
  6. If a button click event is to be fired when the user press the 'Esc' key, set the buttons name against…
  7. VB.NET supports Multi Level Inheritance
  8. DataSet can be used to connect to Crystal Report
  9. The correct sequence of Form Loading is
  10. The name of the IDE window that allows you to see the hierarchical arrangement of the files in your…
  11. Only derived class can have shadows keyword
  12. A single LinkLabel can support multiple links
  13. Set method is used to
  14. To print use
  15. Data from DataSet is accessed using34
  16. If a Class in inherited, its constructor is inherited automatically and it is fired automatically
  17. InputBox by default returns ________ values
  18. We need multiple ErrorProviders from multiple controls.
  19. A single OLEDBAdapter can have many DataSets
  20. To override Finalize function the scope of the function must be
  21. The default location of the exe file of your solution is
  22. In OLEDB database can be accessed without using DataSet
  23. Use a _________ statement to make Visual Basic object the default object for a set of enclosed Visual…
  24. /*1. Class C2. public notoverridable sub abc()3. msgbox("Base Class")4. end sub5. end Class /* The Error…
  25. VB.NET does not support control arrays
  26. The default event handler of TextBox is
  27. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)
  28. When a project is Built it creates a _______ and ________ file under Bin directory
  29. In Class, Me.Show and MyClass.Show are same (Show is method name)
  30. ________ converts to long datatype