This type of circuit is a semiconductor wafer or chip:

A. Integrated circuit

B. Transmission circuit

C. Plotted circuit

D. Conducted circuit

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  1. A projection weld is a type of:
  2. This is how axonometric, oblique, and perspective sketches show objects:
  3. An accurate record of changes made to release drawings is tracked via this:
  4. This type of thread is a thread on the inside of a member:
  5. This type of auxiliary view is projected onto a plane that is perpendicular to one of the principal…
  6. The Free Orbit tool is found on the ________ toolbar.
  7. Baseline dimensions are referenced from a common geometric feature known as a ________.
  8. This practice considers an individual part's dimensions and tolerances and that part's relation to its…
  9. In order to create one solid model from two or more separate solid shapes the drafter will need to position…
  10. Perspective drawings are classified according to their number of these features:
  11. This is the smallest diameter of a screw thread:
  12. When using versions of Auto-CAD prior to Release 2006 it may be necessary to ________ a block in order…
  13. In order to create an accurate assembly drawing the drafter should create the ________ drawings first.
  14. The dimension text size is determined by what the architect deems necessary in __________.
  15. These maps are used in planning installations of trees, shrubbery, drives, and other garden features:
  16. The daily workload of a ________ drafter would generally include technical drawings of machine parts.
  17. A back or backing weld is a type of:
  18. This type of solid has two bases that are parallel equal polygons:
  19. In this type of projection, each of the axes has different ratios of foreshortening:
  20. In this type of auxiliary view, a break line is used to indicate the imaginary break in the views:
  21. When creating an isometric drawing in Auto-CAD the drafter can utilize the Dynamic Input and Polar Coordinate…
  22. To insure that everyone understands what the electrical symbols represent it is customary to include…
  23. In this type of concrete, the steel is pre-tensioned before the superimposed load is applied:
  24. A secondary auxiliary view is a projection off of the ________.
  25. Schematic and single-line diagrams should be arranged so that signal or transmission path from input…
  26. This type of surface is tipped to all principal planes of projection and does not appear true size in…
  27. The distance a screw thread advances axially in one turn is the:
  28. When adding dimensions to an auxiliary view it will be necessary to use the ________ tool.
  29. In U.S. structural and architectural drafting, all dimensions of this length are usually expressed in…
  30. The second line of dimensions out from the plan generally includes ________.