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A. Project Explorer

B. Class View

C. Resource View

D. Server Explorer

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  1. A form can have only one default button
  2. To use HelpProvider, the following properties of the form needs to be set
  3. A thread can be started only once
  4. In Class, Me.Show and MyClass.Show are same (Show is method name)
  5. If a Class in inherited, its constructor is inherited automatically and it is fired automatically
  6. To add items stored in an array to a ListView use
  7. The default event handler of TextBox is
  8. If a Form is Inherited from another Form and both Forms have certain codes in their respective Form_Load…
  9. In ListView the item that is currently selected is determined by
  10. The default Tab of a Tab Control is
  11. If you want to open a file named "a.txt" use
  12. In OLEDB database can be accessed without using DataSet
  13. To view Panels of a StatusBar set _________ to true
  14. The SelectionMode property of a CheckedList Box can be set only to
  15. _________ and _____________ combines to make a KeyPress event
  16. A MsgBox can have maximum ___________ button(s)
  17. A Class can inherit both Class and Interface at a time
  18. Using ADODB multiple tables can be connected at a time
  19. The Apply button automatically appears of the Font Dialog Box is opened
  20. The EventLog's ________ method is used to write an entry to a log file
  21. To uninstall a Windows Service ____________ is use
  22. A form can have only ______ Main Menu and _________ Context Menu
  23. In HelpProvider ___________ property is used to mention the help file name
  24. Structured and Unstructured exceptions can't be mixed
  25. A user wants that custom colors are visible when the Color Dialog Box is first Opened. What should he…
  26. On error goto lbl is a
  27. Set method is used to
  28. Only derived class can have shadows keyword
  29. To make a button the default button, this property of the form must be set
  30. dim arr(10) as string, the max index of the array is