Threading is an operation of

A. Smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole

B. Sizing and finishing a small diameter hole

C. Producing a hole by removing metal along the circumference of a hollow cutting tool

D. Cutting helical grooves on the external cylindrical surface

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  1. The percentage of carbon in gray cast iron is in the range of
  2. The broaching operation in which the work moves past the stationary tool is called
  3. When the shear angle is large
  4. The rear teeth of a broach
  5. In Oxyacetylene gas welding, temperature at the inner cone of the flame is around
  6. Which type of motor is not used in axis or spindle drives of CNC machine tools?
  7. The grade of grinding wheel depends upon
  8. In a milling operation, two side milling cutters are mounted with a desired distance between them so…
  9. The main purpose of a boring operation, as compared to drilling, is to
  10. The shear velocity is the velocity of
  11. In hot machining, tool is made of
  12. The abrasive slurry used in ultrasonic machining contains fine particles of
  13. A solid cylinder of diameter 100 mm and height 50 mm is forged between two frictionless flat dies to…
  14. The soft grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters
  15. The tail stock set over method of taper turning is preferred for
  16. The cutting speed is minimum while machining _________ with a high speed steel tool.
  17. As the cutting speed increases, the tool cutting forces
  18. The hardness of a grinding wheel is specified by
  19. Which of the following operation is first performed?
  20. In electro discharge machining, tool is made of
  21. The angle between the face and flank of the single point cutting tool is known as
  22. The chuck used for setting up of heavy and irregular shaped work should be
  23. Quality screw threads are produced by
  24. Chip breakers are used to
  25. The operation of machining several surfaces of a workpiece simultaneously is called
  26. Stellite preserves hardness upto a temperature of
  27. In oblique cutting system, the cutting edge of the tool
  28. What is the type of welding defect caused due to shrinkage during solidification and by weld stresses…
  29. When the cutting edge of the tool is dull, then during machining
  30. Dielectric is used in