To autofit the width of column

A. Double click the left border of column

B. Double click the right border of column

C. Double click the column header

D. All of above

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  1. When Word flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the mark on the Spelling and Grammar…
  2. You can replace the text ...
  3. If you need to double underline a word, how will you do that?
  4. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing?
  5. What is the shortcut key to display field codes?
  6. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  7. Which operation you will perform if you need to move a block of text?
  8. Ctrl + Left Arrow is used to
  9. A table ....
  10. Selecting text means, selecting?
  11. Ctrl + PageDown is used to
  12. Ctrl + PageUp is used to
  13. Shimmer, Sparkle text, Blinking Background et are known as
  14. What is the Short cut key for line break?
  15. MS-Word automatically moves the text to the next line when it reaches the right edge of the screen and…
  16. Macros are:
  17. The _____, or typeface, defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  18. What is placed to the left of horizontal scroll bar
  19. Ctrl + S
  20. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word screen ?
  21. A screen element of MS Word that is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized options…
  22. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
  23. In order to email a Word document from within MS Word
  24. In MS-Word, for what does ruler help?
  25. Which of the following do you use to change margins?
  26. When assigning a shortcut key to a symbol, you should always try to select a key or key combination…
  27. The minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word document is
  28. What are inserted as cross-reference in Word?
  29. Press _____ to create a line break, which advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next…
  30. Ctrl + End is used to