To change the page number style, we have to click _______ button in
the _________ dialog box from the ______ menu.

A. Number, Page Setup, File

B. number, Document Setup, File

C. Page Number, Prefarence, File

D. Page Number, Numbering, Insert

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  1. In case of Hanging Indentation, the value of first line should be positive.
  2. Choose View > Show Master Pages to display the Master Pages palette.
  3. Fill and Stroke is related to Edit Menu.
  4. We can change the margin of an existing file, from _______ dialog box.
  5. The Retain Format option imports any character and paragraph formatting and the style sheet, if there…
  6. We can sort the pages of publication.
  7. The shortcut key of Go to Previous Frame in PageMaker
  8. Short cut key of Style palette is ________ .
  9. Bullets and Numbering is not Plug-inns
  10. Click Facing Page if you want left and right pages displayed together.
  11. Maximum Undo level is 9999.
  12. If the Pointer tool is selected, by pressing Alt key we can get Hand tool to Scroll the page.
  13. Press Shift + Spacebar to zoom in. Press Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar to zoom out.
  14. When we are importing text, we can replace the existing story with the new text.
  15. We can change the value of default Autoleading in PageMaker.
  16. To change the page number style, we have to click _______ button inthe _________ dialog box from the…
  17. Shortcut key to activate Text tool is Alt + Shift + F1.
  18. We can import text file directly from Story Editor in PageaMaker
  19. We can import a style into a publication from another application.
  20. The shortcut key of underline in PageMaker ________is
  21. In PageMaker the zero point is the position at which the zeros on the vertical and horizontal rules…
  22. The Cropping tool is used to trim any ________ graphics.
  23. The shortcut key of Paragraph Specefication is ___________
  24. We get Facing Pages option active when ____________ option is on.
  25. In PageMaker, we can create the border automatically around the object,by using ________ option from…
  26. Text Wrap can not be used in case of _______ graphics.
  27. The Shortcut key of Show/Hide Guide is _________ in PageMaker.
  28. There are ________ type of Leading Method in PageMaker.
  29. In PageMaker we cannot separate the Frame and it's content.
  30. In case of Decimal Tab the alignment of the left part of the point (.) is Left and the right part is…