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  1. In Photoshop Red=0 + Green=0 + Blue=0 --- the output is pure Black.
  2. Liquify is a Filter.
  3. To get Desaturate option in Photoshop, we have to go to
  4. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop, select
  5. We can get "Export transparent Image" from
  6. We can record any action in the canvas
  7. We can create layer is indexed color image
  8. We can colorize a Grayscale image
  9. In a Bitmap mode image, the shades are adjusted by changing the quantity of __________ and __________…
  10. How many Color Modes are there in Photoshop?
  11. In Photoshop, maximum how many alpha channels can create in an image?
  12. We can change Color balance, Tone balance and Purity of color from
  13. Which command selects a specified color or color subset within an existing selection or an entire image?
  14. The keyboard shortcut of duplicate layer is
  15. By using Photoshop, we can make a static Web site
  16. The keyboard shortcut of Brush option is
  17. We use Dodge Tool to ___________________ the area of image.
  18. To get Desaturate option in Photoshop
  19. Raster Graphic consists with Pixels.
  20. We cannot import jpeg image in Premiere.
  21. How many Color Modes are there in Photoshop?
  22. We cal delete any channel from channel option
  23. Is Overlay a Layer Blending Mode in Photoshop?
  24. We can zoom in/out from navigator option
  25. ________________ means purity of color
  26. How many selection tools are there in Photoshop?
  27. We can change width or height or resolution of an image respective of other two at a time by
  28. We can extract a part of an image without the help of any kind of Marquee or Lasso tool
  29. To get Feather option in Photoshop.
  30. The Keyboard shortcut to convert a shape to a selection is