To get the Color Palet option we have to press_____________

A. Ctrl+B

B. Ctrl+J

C. Ctrl+8

D. None of the above

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  1. ___________ is the process of adjusting space between specific letter pairs in PageMaker.
  2. If the Pointer tool is selected, by pressing Alt key we can get Hand tool to Scroll the page.
  3. Keyline is a Plug-ins
  4. Short cut key for Reverse command is Shift + Ctrl + V.
  5. Before placing an In-line Graphic we have to place the cursor after selecting the Text tool.
  6. We can print a publication from anather publication without open the first publication
  7. The keyboard shortcut for Force Justify is ______ .
  8. To save all open publications, press Shift and choose File>Save all.
  9. Revert command removes all changes to the active publication since you last saved it.
  10. There are ____ types of view in Control Palette.
  11. OLE is possible in PageMaker.
  12. Indents and Tabs option provides _____ types of Tab.
  13. In PageMaker Shortcut key of Superscript is
  14. Template file extension in PageMaker 6.5 is ____.
  15. The shortcut key of Go to Previous Frame in PageMaker
  16. The Cropping tool is used to trim any ________ graphics.
  17. Alt+Ctrl+P shortcut key is related to Page Numbering.
  18. The shortcut key of 100% zoom view in PageMaker is
  19. The shortcut key of Go to Next Frame in PageMaker.
  20. Minimum Zoom level in PageMaker is 25%.
  21. We can change the default colour of the page.
  22. Maximum Undo level is 9999.
  23. Shortcut key to activate Text tool is Alt + Shift + F1.
  24. Short cut key of Style palette is ________ .
  25. The shortcut key to open Go to Page dialog box is
  26. We cannot add new color in Color Palette in PageMaker.
  27. Short cut key for Reverse command is Ctrl+Shift+R
  28. We can see Left / Right margin when _______ option is off.
  29. In case of Hanging Indentation, the value of first line should be positive.
  30. The shortcut key of Edit Story is Crtl+E.