To get the property window in visual basic you have to press

A. F6

B. F3

C. F4

D. F5

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  1. RichTextBox1.BulletIndent=5 ; what will be the effect of this code if used in any program
  2. It is possible to change the shortcut key assigned to any menu for accessing within the menu editor.
  3. The arrange property of MDI form is available at design time.
  4. Suppose there is a data control named data1. What will be the effect if the following code is inserted
  5. Flag property is used to adjust the function of each common dialog box
  6. The project extension name of a VB project is .vbj
  7. Time() function is used to recover date & time.
  8. The other Single Document Interface forms are by default child of MDI form when MDI form is inserted.
  9. It is possible to declare 'Dynamic Array' in visual basic.
  10. Activate event is called before load event
  11. Visual Basic has ____________ number of editions
  12. To run an application you have to press :
  13. In visual basic, number of loop control structure is _____________.
  14. Print' statement can be used to print any statement on the screen.
  15. If there is a control array of label for 10 elements, then what will be the fifth element in the array?
  16. List count property returns total number of items in list box control.
  17. What is the default value of MaxLength property of text box control?
  18. What is the default value for multi-select property of list box control.
  19. Visual Basic produce:
  20. A single function of visual basic takes:
  21. In visual basic Bool variable stores
  22. It is possible to pass different number parameters to a function when call the function on different…
  23. Delete method of the recordset of Data Control or Data Access Object is delete the record which is pointed…
  24. What will be the output when the statements below will execute :Dim a as integera=0while(a<5)print…
  25. IsDate() function returns true if its argument is a valid date and time
  26. In a programme body :Private sub form_load()X=inputbox("First No. :")Y=inputbox("Second No. :")Z=val(X)…
  27. cell alignment property can be used to align the cells with different alignment style
  28. There are _________________ no. of built in windows dialog boxes provided by common dialogs control.
  29. One can change or read the alignment of one or more paragraph of rich text box control through
  30. If the user wants to select the multiple files from file open and filesave dialog boxes then the flag…