Transform the simple sentence into a compound sentence.

To his eternal disgrace, he betrayed his country.

A. He betrayed his country is an eternal disgrace.

B. For him betraying his country was an eternal disgrace

C. He betrayed his country and this was to his eternal disgrace.

D. Eternal disgrace was his betraying the country.

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  1. Transform the given sentence into complex.Buy one shirt and get one free.
  2. It is too late. We cant start a new lesson now.
  3. The man took out a knife. He intended to frighten all of us.
  4. They wanted to win. They worked hard for that reason.
  5. A group of my classmates studied the problem and solved it in a few minutes.
  6. This kind of jokes never amuses me.
  7. The teacher punished the children for disobedience.
  8. Mary collects old stamps. It is her hobby.
  9. It costs twelve dollars.
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  12. I see him everyday.
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  17. We went to the theater. We saw a movie there.
  18. Transform the given sentence by changing into verb.The examination result gave her pleasure.
  19. The manager appointed John. He will do the accounts.
  20. We must prepare the dam, or the water will rush through.
  21. He gave a curt reply.
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  25. Transform the given sentence into interrogative.Stop it.
  26. I have no interest in politics. I must tell it frankly.
  27. She was sensible. She did the right thing.
  28. The crew checked the ship and prepared it for sea.
  29. The men held a meeting. They wanted to elect a manager for the company.
  30. Besides robbing the poor child, he also murdered the child.