To instruct Word to stop bulleting paragraphs, do any of the following except _____.

A. press the enter key twice

B. click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar

C. press the backspace key to remove the bullet

D. click the Bullets button on the Formatting toolbar

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  1. To verify that the note text is positioned correctly on the page, switch to _____ view or display the…
  2. What is a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options?
  3. Columns dialog box can be opened from
  4. You can replace the text ...
  5. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the document?
  6. The four types of mail merge main documents are ...
  7. The _____, or typeface, defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  8. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
  9. Changing the appearance of a document is called
  10. How can you insert a sound file in your word document?
  11. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amount of space between certain combination of characters…
  12. Which of the following is not essential component to perform a mail merge operation?
  13. How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?
  14. What is the default left margin in Word 2003 document?
  15. What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?
  16. What is the smallest width of a column?
  17. Typeface option will come under which menu ?
  18. The key F12 opens a
  19. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  20. We can insert maximum number of columns in Ms Word are ...
  21. When the Language bar is _____, it means that you do not see it on the screen but it will be displayed…
  22. Ctrl + S
  23. To exit from the Resume Wizard and return to the document window without creating a resume, click the…
  24. Why Drop Caps are used in document?
  25. Ctrl + Up Arrow is used to
  26. You can move the insertion point in a table
  27. The word wrap feature .....
  28. Which of the following is used to create newspaper style columns?
  29. By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?
  30. What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character?