To insure that everyone understands what the electrical symbols represent it is customary to include a ________ on the electrical sheet.

A. List

B. Part number

C. Electrical legend

D. Electrical layer

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  1. A ________ section allows the drafter to create a Cutting Plane line which is not in a straight line…
  2. This should show what changes were made, when, and by whom:
  3. In some circumstances an entire drawing can be inserted into a different drawing as a block. When this…
  4. This is a flat or rounded tab protruding from a surface, usually to provide a method for attachment:
  5. Schematic and single-line diagrams should be arranged so that signal or transmission path from input…
  6. Some common blocks used by architectural drafters include ________.
  7. In offset sections, offsets or bends in the cutting plane are all:
  8. In this type of section, one quarter of the object is removed:
  9. When positioning this feature of perspective projection, the centerline of the cone of visual rays should…
  10. This is a common method for connecting steel members of buildings and bridges:
  11. The text used on a typical detail sheet should be ________.
  12. This allows the performance of structures to be analyzed and tested efficiently, accurately, and quickly:
  13. This is formed where three or more surfaces intersect:
  14. Spur gear design normally begins with selecting this:
  15. The first step in creating a traditional technical drawing is to ________.
  16. The Auto-CAD command used to combine two or more primitive shapes into a single complex 3-dimensional…
  17. Traditional drafters need to be able to create several different line widths because ________.
  18. These are used to attach parts to a cylinder so they won't turn on it:
  19. The ________ tool on the Dimension tool bar will place several dimensions at one time by using a selection…
  20. This process recognizes the inherent interrelationships between design and manufacturing:
  21. The top, front, and bottom views align in this manner:
  22. A full scale technical drawing will have a scale factor of ________.
  23. The most common geometric form used in gears today is this:
  24. The standard number of threads per inch for various diameters is the:
  25. The building construction industry relies on sets of ________ drawings to construct homes and commercial…
  26. These maps are used to plan construction projects that locate construction features so they fit the…
  27. The thread note for a typical bolt will include the ________.
  28. An architect often relies on a ________ to complete the set of technical drawings used in the design…
  29. Perspective drawings are classified according to their number of these features:
  30. Which of the following is one of the basic types of welded joints: