What is the correct answer?


Topic: Cholinergic Toxidrome
Subject: Medicine
A 37 year old male arrives at the Emergency Department unconscious. He is warm and sweaty. His heart rate is 52 bpm, his BP is 90/60. His pupils are constricted, his eyes are teary, and he is drooling. You assume he is suffering from a toxidrome.
What antidote will you give him?

A. Flumazenil

B. Naloxone

C. Glucagon

D. Atropine

Correct Answer :

D. Atropine

This patient is presenting with classic signs and symptoms of toxicity with an cholinergic drug. The antidote for this is with an anticholinergic drug such as atropine. Atropine will raise the heart rate and reverse the other effects of this toxidrome.

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