Transformation range for ferrous material is the temperature interval during which __________ is formed during its heating.

A. Cementite

B. Austenite

C. Martensite

D. Pearlite

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  1. Identify the correct statement with reference to the extractive metallurgy of aluminium.
  2. Which of the following is not a principal alloying element for the structural steel?
  3. The main reducing agent in iron blast furnace is
  4. Gas turbine normally employs a constant __________ cycle.
  5. __________ is the trade name assigned to a nonferrous cast alloy composed of cobalt, chromium & tungsten.
  6. Calorific value of __________ are almost same.
  7. __________ has the highest melting point out of the following.
  8. The most detrimental impurity in high pressure boiler feed water is
  9. Sand used to stop the green sand from sticking to the pattern is termed as the __________ sand.
  10. The condition of diffraction from a crystal is given by
  11. The maximum thickness of the metal which can be welded using ultrasonic welding is __________ mm.
  12. Air intake for an air compressor should be preferably taken from
  13. A dense structure of grinding wheel is not used for the
  14. Natural water contains approximately __________ percent of heavy water.
  15. As per the Indian boiler regulation (IBR), the type of joint preferred for the circumferential joint…
  16. The mechanism which changes the value of manipulated variable in response to the output signal from…
  17. The most prominent single cause of corrosion in boiler-tubes, drums, economisers and steam superheaters…
  18. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  19. For grinding of softer materials, the grinding wheel should have __________ grain size.
  20. The following thermocouple may be used for measuring temperature upto 1873°K.
  21. Ammonia leakage in the refrigeration system is detected by
  22. Projection welding & stud welding is categorised as the __________ welding.
  23. The atmospheric temperature during melting of ice/snow (in the atmosphere)
  24. 'GASOHOL' widely used in Brazil as a motor fuel is a mixture of alcohol and
  25. A fire tube boiler is limited to a maximum steam pressure of about __________ kg/cm2.
  26. The joint for soldering is supported by binding wire made of
  27. Sub zero treatment of steel is done to
  28. Which of the following is the most suitable abrasive for grinding high tensile strength materials?
  29. The product out from a cupola is called
  30. Limestone is added in the blast furnace (during pig iron manufacture) to