Treatment of the infection by malarial parasite in the principal host is studied under

A. chemo-therapy

B. chemo-diagnosis

C. chemo-prophy laxis

D. prophylaxis

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  1. Asexual reproduction during schizogony of malarial parasite is a kind of
  2. The cell anus in some protozoans known as
  3. The sporozoites of Plasmodium first attack
  4. Malaria is a disease transmitted by the bite of
  5. Kala-azar is a disease caused by
  6. Which of the following organelles are associated with defence in Protozoans ?
  7. Entamoeba gingivalis is a parasite in the
  8. In Plasmodium, gametocytes are formed by j the trophozoites in the RBS of man. They do not develop fully…
  9. N.M.E.P is the abbreviation of
  10. Nuclear dimorphism is observed in
  11. A liver biopsy of a patient suffering from amoebic hepatic abscess would demonstrate the presence of
  12. The intermediate host of malarial parasite is
  13. The disease caused by Trypanosoma cruzi is
  14. The trophozoite of Plasmodium lives in
  15. Gametocytes of Plasmodium are formed in
  16. Locomotory organelles in the parasitic protozoa of class sporozoa are
  17. Plasmalemma membrane covers thebody of
  18. Which of the following is a correct matching ?
  19. In an electric field, the Paramecium moves
  20. RBCs are found in the food vacuoles of
  21. The ecological niche of Entamoeba histolytica is
  22. The mode of life of Plasmodium in man and mosquito respectively is
  23. Sporogony of malaria parasite occurs in
  24. Protozoa which completely lack trophj organelles are classifed under
  25. Trypanosoma is transmitted by
  26. The catabolic wastes in Amoeba consist of
  27. When kerosene is sprayed on the stagnant water wherein the larvae of Anopheles develop, it
  28. African sleeping sickness or Gambiense fever is caused by
  29. The micronucleus in Paramecium is concerried with
  30. Encystment in Amoeba serves for