Trinitrotoluene (TNT), an explosive, is made by the nitration of

A. Nitrobenzene

B. Toluene

C. Nitrotoluene

D. Benzene

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  1. Shaving soaps are
  2. Argon is the third largest constituent of air (followed by N2 & O2). Its percentage by volume in air…
  3. Bromine content in sea water may be around __________ ppm.
  4. The main product of high temperature carbonisation of coal is
  5. Carborundum consists mainly of
  6. Caprolactam (a raw material for nylon-6 manufacture) is produced from
  7. Cooking liquor in case of sulphite process is
  8. Mercury electrolytic cells are preferred over diaphragm electrolytic cell (for production of caustic…
  9. Fluorescent dyes are added in detergents to
  10. Alcohol content in freshly prepared natural and fortified wine may be respectively around __________…
  11. Gypsum is chemically
  12. Solvay process as compared to dual process(i.e. modified Solvay process).
  13. Multistage catalytic converter is not used in the
  14. __________ of rubber decreases after its vulcanisation.
  15. The purpose of tanning in leather industry is to
  16. Sulphuric acid saturated with SO3 is called
  17. Chlorine gas is produced by the electrolysis of brine (NaCl solution with solid NaCl make up) in mercury…
  18. Solvay process is used for the manufacture of
  19. Bakelite is
  20. __________ Nature of hypo (sodium thiosulphate) makes it useful in photography.
  21. Concentration of NaOH solution produced by mercury electrolytic cell is about __________ percent.
  22. Bleaching powder (chemically known as calcium chloro hypochlorite) is commercially produced by the action…
  23. __________ is obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide using brine.
  24. Which of the following is the purest form of water out of the following?
  25. Ceramics are produced from silicates or clayish materials: Which of the following is not a ceramic material?
  26. __________ is a thermosetting plastic.
  27. Which of the following is a co-product during the manufacture of caustic soda by electrolysis of brine?
  28. Type of glass used in optical work is the __________ glass.
  29. Basic oxide is absent in __________ glass.
  30. Penicillin is separated from fermented broth by