Two closely coiled helical springs 'A' and 'B' are equal in all respects but the number of turns of spring 'A' is half that of spring 'B' The ratio of deflections in spring 'A' to spring 'B' is

A. 1/8

B. 1/4

C. 1/2

D. 2

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  1. The absolute zero temperature is taken as
  2. The intensity of stress which causes unit strain is called
  3. A definite area or a space where some thermodynamic process takes place is known as
  4. Principal planes are planes having
  5. The strain energy stored in a solid circular shaft in torsion, subjected to shear stress (τ), is:…
  6. A cylindrical section having no joint is known as
  7. The heat and mechanical energies are mutually convertible. This statement was established by
  8. The pressure exerted by an ideal gas is ________ of the kinetic energy of all the molecules contained…
  9. A hollow shaft of same cross-section area as compared to a solid shaft transmit
  10. The general gas energy equation is (where Q1 - 2 = Heat supplied, dU = Change in internal energy, and…
  11. The gas constant (R) is equal to the __________ of two specific heats.
  12. The smallest quantity of a substance, which can exist by itself in a chemically recognizable form is…
  13. A fletched beam is used to
  14. In an isothermal process,
  15. If the depth is kept constant for a beam of uniform strength, then its width will vary in proportional…
  16. When shear force at a point is zero, then bending moment is _________ at that point.
  17. The section modulus of a circular section about an axis through its C.G., is
  18. When a gas is heated at constant pressure
  19. The distance between the centres of the rivets in adjacent rows of zigzag riveted joint is known as
  20. The maximum diameter of the hole that can be punched from a plate of maximum shear stress 1/4th of its…
  21. The bending equation is
  22. The fuel mostly used in steam boilers is
  23. The heat flows from a cold body to a hot body with the aid of an external source. This statement is…
  24. The relation between equivalent length (L) and actual length (l) of a column for both ends fixed is
  25. An adiabatic process is one in which
  26. The efficiency of Diesel cycle increases with
  27. The general law for the expansion or compression of gases, is
  28. The variables which control the physical properties of a perfect gas are
  29. The gas turbine cycle with regenerator improves
  30. The state of a substance whose evaporation from its liquid state is complete, is known as