Typeface option will come under which menu ?

A. Format

B. Tools

C. View

D. Edit

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  1. In MS Word, Ctrl+S is for …..
  2. Which indent marker controls all the lines except first line?
  3. To select a block of text, click at the beginning of the selection, scroll to the end of the selection,…
  4. Which of the following is not the Section Break Option?
  5. End Key is used to
  6. The four types of mail merge main documents are ...
  7. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the document?
  8. You can detect spelling and grammar errors by
  9. The _____ is a short horizontal line indicating the conclusion of a document.
  10. Ctrl + Right Arrow is used to
  11. When inserting Page number in footer it appeared 1 but you wish to show How can you do that?
  12. If you need to double underline a word, how will you do that?
  13. In MS-Word, for what does ruler help?
  14. You can move the insertion point in a table
  15. What is the shortcut-key for manual line break?
  16. The word wrap feature .....
  17. Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes?
  18. Which file starts MS Word?
  19. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time?
  20. Short cut Ctrl + H is used to
  21. What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character?
  22. To use your keyboard instead of the mouse to select tools on the ribbon, you display the KeyTips by…
  23. If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?
  24. Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in
  25. The following tool bars display in the word application window by default
  26. A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as
  27. Ctrl + Home is used to
  28. Ctrl + End is used to
  29. Ctrl + S
  30. What is the smallest width of a column?