Upto the critical radius of insulation, added insulation, will

A. Increase the heat loss

B. Decrease heat loss and will have no effect beyond that

C. Decrease heat flux

D. Reduce convection heat loss compared to conduction heat less

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  1. 'Ice point' is designated on Fahrenheit temperature scale by
  2. Pick out the correct statement.
  3. The unit of gc is
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  5. In a counter flow heat exchanger, hot fluid enters at 170°C & leaves at 150°C, while the cold…
  6. Compressed dry air is used as the cutting fluid, while machining
  7. The heat treatment to which the steel wire containing > 0.25% carbon is subjected to is
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  9. The fugacity of liquid water at 298 K is approximately 3171 Pa. Considering the ideal heat of vaporisation…
  10. Limestone is added in the blast furnace (during pig iron manufacture) to
  11. Steel containing low percentage of nickel, chromium & tungsten are termed as the __________ steel.
  12. The amount of different substances produced, when the same quantity of electricity is passed through…
  13. Hydro-cyclone is a
  14. Referring to the periodic table of elements, it is found that with increasing atomic number. The atomic…
  15. Air-petrol ratio for maximum power generation in spark ignition engine is about
  16. Reynolds number of a fluid flowing in a circular pipe is 10,000. What will be the Reynolds number when…
  17. Cementite is in the lamellar form in the __________ phase of steel.
  18. Rankine cycle comprises of two isothermal and two __________ processes.
  19. The minimum temperature to which the water can be cooled in a cooling tower is the __________ temperature…
  20. Out of the following, the joint produced by __________ has the lowest strength.
  21. What is the value of included angle of a triangular notch for maximum discharge?
  22. Temperature attained in soldering of metals is about __________ °C.
  23. The most serious manufacturing defect from fracture toughness point of view is
  24. Transition from laminar to turbulent zone in free convection heat transfer is governed by the critical…
  25. A cylindrical rod subjected to a tensile strain within the elastic limit undergoes a volume change.…
  26. Softening of hardened steel is done by its
  27. A material being tested for endurance strength is subjected to the __________ load.
  28. Fog is an example of colloidal system of
  29. Pick out the correct statement
  30. Which of the following materials does not form adherent oxide film on surface?