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  1. 10 base T network is implemented by co-axial cable
  2. NTFS permissions cannot be set on individual files.
  3. TCP is a connectionless protocol
  4. Which utility is used to determine whether Windows 2000 properly recognize a newly installed modem?
  5. The Database File Name of Active Directory is:
  6. TGT and TGS is related to
  7. The minimum processor speed requirement for a P.C. where Windows2000 server O.S. is to be installed
  8. Clipper command can be used for data encryption
  9. An Administrator account is created when you install the Windows 2000 Server.
  10. When we delete a file it is sent to the directory called
  11. Which of the following is a media type that is most susceptible to interference?
  12. A roaming user Profile is stored on a computer's local hard disk.
  13. Which policy specifies the number of invalid attempts allowed before account is locked out?
  14. You are configuring Outlook Express to download e-mail messages from your Internet service provider.…
  15. Can we use 'net use' command to share a file?
  16. User account names are case-sensitive
  17. Which utility should you use to check the IP configuration on a Windows 2000 computer?
  18. An Administrator account is created when you install the Windows 2000 Server.
  19. Which of the following is the IEEE specification for wireless networks?
  20. What is the maximum number of characters that a password may contain?
  21. The NTFS security is not applicable in case of network access
  22. The universal groups can contain
  23. Which of the following protocols are considered unreliable or connectionless?
  24. Can we delete a folder, which is shared?
  25. What will happen if you copy a file from one folder to another with in the same ntfs partition ?
  26. Which folder is used to store user profiles by default?
  27. The server where active directory wers can be created create is
  28. We can create _____ DFS root in a single Domain Controller
  29. Can we delete a folder, which is shared?
  30. A user name cannot contain : or = character.