Vessels leaving the heart are

A. veins

B. arteries

C. capillaries

D. lymph ducts

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  1. Sadabahar, a common weed, is the raw material that provides the source of medicines used In the treatment…
  2. The science of improving the hereditary qualities of future generations of mankind is referred to as
  3. Which of the following terms is used in Botany?
  4. The waste product In the urine of man is
  5. When the earth was formed it had an atmosphere with
  6. Which one of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalising his blood…
  7. The mouth of a river opening into the sea is termed as
  8. The diseases that are caused by lack of vitamins are called
  9. Which one of the following is both an exocrine and an endocrine gland?
  10. The small pox vaccine was discovered by
  11. Two tall plants, each being a hybrid and carrying a recessive factor for dwarfness are crossed. What…
  12. Fibrinogen is present in
  13. The function of a cell wall is
  14. Which one of the following acts as a communication system?
  15. The life cycle of Malarial Parasite consists of two phases in man. Where do they occur?
  16. The two German scientists who proposed the 'cell theory' were
  17. The theory that all animals and plants are made up of cells and they could arise only from pre-existing…
  18. The brain is covered by
  19. Insect pollination is known as
  20. Nephrons are found inside
  21. When one gene controls two or more different characters simultaneously, the phenomenon is called
  22. Maintenance of pregnancy is under the control of
  23. Who considered evolution as due to mutation?
  24. The insect vector for the disease Leishmaniasis is
  25. Malnutrition is due to
  26. Bats can fly in the dark because
  27. The blood clotting requires the vitamin
  28. Excess of amino-acids are broken down to form urea in the
  29. Which one of the following animals stores water in the intestine?
  30. What are the symptoms of 'Pellagra'?